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Basic Policy regarding Profit Allocation

The business of the RAIZNEXT Group is based on maintenance of plants in the oil, petrochemicals, and non-ferrous metals industries, and provision of engineering services, which are contracting industries subject to the impact of changes in private sector capital expenditure. In view of the nature of its business, the Company’s basic policy consists of strengthening the corporate structure in preparation for changes in the business environment and future business developments and building a stable management foundation to increase corporate value, thereby ensuring future profits for all stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, suppliers, and employees.
Under this basic policy, the Company regards the allocation of profit to shareholders as a top priority management issue. Considering that dividend strategy should reflect profits, the Company aims for a consolidated dividend payout ratio of at least 40% while giving careful attention to the sustainability and stability of dividends and ensuring the internal reserves required for a solid business base and future business expansion.

FYE Annual dividend Dividend payout ratio (consolidated)
March 31, 2021 55.00 yen 40.6%
March 31, 2020 53.00 yen 40.1%
March 31, 2019 46.00 yen 40.7%
March 31, 2018 39.00 yen 40.5%
March 31, 2017 42.00 yen 40.9%

(Note) The figures above show actual dividends of the former Shinko Plantech Co., Ltd. up to the fiscal year ended March 31, 2019.

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